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Russian army does not want make war on Kyiv anymore – Russian politician

Ilya Yashin, a Russian opposition leader and human rights activist, a member of the Political Bureau of the RPR-PARNAS party, told about the mood in Russia and Russian Special Forces.

Russian army does not want make war on Kyiv anymore - Russian politician

Ilya Yashin, the ally of Boris Nemtsov, said that he was ready to be responsible for every word published in the report "Putin. War." After all, all of the collected facts proving Russian aggression in Ukraine are true. During the first 10 months alone the Russian Federation had lost 53 billion rubles by helping militants, Joinfo.ua reports referring to the television channel "24".

"I emphasize it – we are ready to hold responsibility for every word printed in the report. Only due to direct losses, in the first 10 months of the war the Russian budget had lost 53 billion rubles. It primarily hits the pocket of the citizens of Russia. Now the country is in a serious economic crisis. And the Russian government is the one to blame for our troubles. After all, our government started armed opposition in eastern Ukraine, sending troops and equipment there," said Yashin.

He also stressed that there was no doubt that Crimea was annexed to Russia with grave violations of international obligations as a result of the illegal military operation led by Putin himself.

"Crimean adventure of Putin has created a serious problem that has no easy solution. The return of Crimea to Ukraine is a quite real option," said Yashin.

According to Yashin, current mood in Russia is far from the ideals of the "war to the bitter end."

"It would like the special agents detained in Ukraine to be exchanged for Savchenko. But for Putin, liberation of Nadiya is a sacred gesture he does not even consider. I do not see the desire and willingness of the Russian army to move on – to advance the front line in the direction of Kyiv. The situation may change but today it is not the goal. I think that Putin does not perceive the events in the Donbas as a lever of pressure on the Kyiv authorities and western countries. Therefore, he is interested in the chaos in the east of Ukraine. The militants will make sure that this fire was smoldering, and will mend the fire if needed. And will blackmail the Ukrainian authorities threatening to rekindle the war. The Russian authorities will try to turn the Donbas into some Transnistria with unclear status, and so on.

Putin is interested only in power and money. He just shows that he restores the empire.

It should be added that the report by Nemtsov titled "Putin. War" provides the facts that units of the Russian military, Russian militants, trained and financed with the active support of the Russian authorities do take part in the events in the east of Ukraine," Yashin concluded.