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Poland to remain Ukraine’s friend under any president

Polish policy towards Ukraine will not change, no matter who wins the presidential election, the second round of which takes place today in the country. This opinion was expressed by Michal Baranowski, the director of the Warsaw Office of the Marshal Fund of the United States.

According to the expert, both candidates believe that Ukraine is critically important and it should be closely linked to the West and the EU in particular. "But no one now supports open weaponization of Ukraine," said Baranowski, Joinfo.ua reports quoting Voice of America.

He is also convinced that none of the candidates will dare to lobby EU membership for Ukraine. "Does Poland should do more to help Ukraine? Absolutely. But will it really help if Poland openly calls to admit Ukraine into the European Union? We will be left alone on this issue," the expert added.

Baranowski noted that advancing the position in the EU, it is necessary to reinforce it with the phrases acceptable to everyone. And according to him, in this issue Bronislaw Komorowski has proved his effectiveness. Meanwhile, Ajay Duda, a eurosceptic and a member of the European Parliament, said that Poland should "recalibrate" relations with Germany, in order for Berlin treat Warsaw as an equal partner.

"We know what Komorowski is capable of, but Duda… we'll see. The question is whether he can build with Western Europe a friendship needed to help Ukraine. It is mainly about the relationship with Berlin. For Poland, it would be good to influence Germany from inside in order for Ukraine to move closer to the EU," said Baranowski.

"Poland sees the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which resulted in the war in the Donbas, as crucial for the European security in general, and especially for Poland. Therefore it is a strategic issue. Russia can not do anything to change the position of Poland either through open transactions, or under the counter," the expert added.

It should be recalled that the presidential elections in Poland are very intrigue, since the results of the last poll showed that Bronislaw Komorowski and Andrzej Duda have a very small difference in voter sympathy, that is about 0.5%.