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U.S. to give Ukraine additional $ 18 million

The government of the United States will allocate additional $ 18 million to provide humanitarian assistance to the population of Ukraine affected by the fighting in the east.

Photo: todayszaman.com

The government of the United States will provide Ukraine with additional $ 18 million. It was announced by Simon Henshaw, Principal Deputy Assistance Secretary of the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration, Tyzhden informs.

"The United States recognizes that Ukraine is facing serious humanitarian problems. So the United States will provide additional $ 18 million for humanitarian aid. Total volume of humanitarian aid the U.S. has provided since the beginning of the conflict is about 60 million dollars," said Henshaw.

He said that this aid will be distributed through international humanitarian organizations, in particular – through the Red Cross and UN agencies involved in humanitarian activities and assistance to victims of violence.

"We have long been working with these organizations, we fully trust them and have a clear system for monitoring the performance of funds. We expect that the Ukrainian government will work closely with these organizations, since it is always easier to achieve the goal together," the American official said.

He thanked the government of Ukraine for its efforts aimed at solving the problems of internally displaced persons and the assistance the Ukrainian government gives to international and non-governmental organizations such as the Red Cross in providing humanitarian assistance to the victims and in moving necessary goods through the line of demarcation.

"This approach demonstrates the determination of the Ukrainian government to respect international humanitarian norms," Henshaw stressed. He expressed satisfaction with the meetings he had with the Ukrainian authorities, and noted that "it is always a pleasure to deal with an honest partner."

In general, according to the spokesperson for the Department of State, the number of displaced people due to fighting in eastern Ukraine has reached 2 million. Thus, according to the U.S. official, about 7,000 people were killed since the beginning of the hostilities.

Earlier, U.S. Senator John McCain stated that Russian President Vladimir Putin should pay a higher price for destabilization of Ukraine.