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Russia awaits another revolution of 1917

Russia awaits 1917 and another revolution, which will occur on a national basis. This opinion was expressed by political analyst Taras Berezovets on Facebook.

According to the expert, the strategy of Russian President Vladimir Putin is winning only in the short run. In 2-3 years, Russia will face the inevitable collapse of economic indicators, the aggravation of contradictions in relations between the regions and the center, and the growth of protest potential, Joinfo.ua reports.

"Conditionally speaking, Russia is waiting 1917. As we know from history, revolutions in Russia always occur suddenly, although they follow important indicators of destabilization. They exist today. For the first time since 1990s in the country, strike and protests with social demands occur regularly, payment arrears have increased massively. However, given the general mustiness in the atmosphere of the country and omnipotence of special services, we should not expect a hasty social explosion. The explosion is likely to happen on a national line," Berezovets said.

He stressed that time is playing for Ukraine. "We need to resist the intention of Russia to push DPR and LPR back by any means. Time and sanctions do everything for us," said political consultant.

In addition, the expert said that Putin would not stop on Crimea and Donbas. "There are such clear goals as Kazakhstan (5 northern provinces of which have large Russian-speaking population), and Moldova with its Transnistria," he added.