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Hackers publish table revelations of Putin

Hackers from the Shaltay Boltay hacker group put on the Web the records of conversations between Russian President Vladimir Putin and the other world leaders.

Hackers publish table revelations of Putin

According to the Russian media, unknown hackers from the group calling itself Shaltay Boltay published the records of conversations of Russian President Vladimir Putin with the leaders of other countries made in the course of a lunch with the chief cook of the Kremlin Yevgeny Prigozhin, German magazine Focus informs.

The publication notes that during one of his conversations with Silvio Berlusconi, the former Prime Minister of Italy, Putin talked about assassination. According to him, the Cuban leader Fidel Castro was able to escape the murder planned by political opponents only thanks to the fact that he personally worried about his safety. The author makes the conclusion that Putin does not trust his entourage.

Putin treats the Western leaders such as U.S. President Barack Obama with disrespect. According to Prigozhin, in the conversation with Berlusconi, Putin called those, who are in power four or eight years, "conformists, who have little chance to change the administrative staff."

According to published materials, Putin spoke of his "reduced sense of danger", which did not let him to build the career of the KGB spy. Ostensibly, because of such a conclusion made by psychologists, he could not work in covert intelligence. Putin learned about it in 1998, when he became the head of the Federal Security Service and asked to bring his old private file from the KGB archives.

One of the waiters told that Putin made a joke that even the sharks would not dare to eat him, because he would show them his KGB badge.

The publication stresses that nothing is known about authenticity of the materials, but none of the victims of the leak has filed the appropriate claims.