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Representatives of DPR and LPR tell how they want to change Constitution of Ukraine

The authorities of the DPR and LPR intend to entrench their interests at the legislative level.

The authorities of the DPR and LPR want to make their own changes to the Constitution of Ukraine. Representatives of the Donetsk and Luhansk separatists Denis Pushilin and Vladislav Dainego prepared their proposals to amend the Constitution of Ukraine. They announced it, referring to Paragraph 11 of the Package of Measures agreed in Minsk on February 12, 2015, involving the need for decentralization, Joinfo.ua reports.

According to the Luhansk separatists, the proposals are sent to the Constitutional Commission of Ukraine addressed to Volodymyr Groysman, to the Minsk Contact Group addressed to OSCE representative Heidi Tagliavini, as well as to the representative of Russia Azamat Kulmuhametovu, the representative of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma, and Pierre Morel, the interim leader of the working group on Political Affairs.

Pushilin and Dainego offer to complete the Constitution of Ukraine with an additional paragraph, which will determine the special legal status of some areas of the Donbas. The document proposes to create people's militia units, which will be controlled by the local authorities, to grant Russian language a status of the official one, to introduce special economic regime and other rights.

It is also proposed to amend the articles of the Constitution on the judicial system, Prosecutor's Office, local government, and on administrative-territorial structure of Ukraine. The draft contains the constitutional entrenchment of non-aligned status of Ukraine.

"If Ukraine makes the amendments to its Constitution, the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics will make appropriate changes to their Constitutions," said Pushilin.

Vladislav Dainego noted that "the synchronization and harmonization of constitutional reform in Ukraine, DPR and LPR is the only possible model for rebuilding a single political space and implementation of the Minsk agreements."