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U.S.: Russian Federation and China choses “backyard of Europe” for provocative military exercises

Russia and China have chosen the most provocative place for joint naval exercises, since none of these countries possesses "one inch of coastline on the Mediterranean Sea." This was reported by journalists at Los Angeles Times.

According to American journalists, Russia and China chose the Mediterranean Sea for exercises on purpose: "eastern giants" are flexing their muscles in the very backyard of Europe to loudly announce their new alliance, Joinfo.ua reports referring to Los Angeles Times.

The publication stresses that these maneuvers started on Monday, May 11 and will last 10 days (the active phase of the exercises will be held from May 17 to 21). Military exercises of Russia and China started after the visit of Xi Jinping to Moscow, where he took part in celebrations on the occasion of Victory Day, and signed 32 agreements with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"Russia has been driven into the arms of its communist neighbor by Western sanctions imposed for its role in the bloody Ukraine crisis," the article says. In response to anti-Russian restrictive measures, Putin has steered his country away from the "U.S.-dominated post-Soviet world order" and pivoted it towards his "not-always-friendly neighbor" – China.

However, according to experts, the emerging Sino-Russian alliance "remains fragile", and its members treat each other warily. Thus, both Moscow and Beijing "are vying" for influence in Central Asia. In addition, the two powers still have disputes over territory, migration, relations with Vietnam and other matters, the article says.

It should be recalled that Alexei Pushkov, the head of the International Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, said that Russia and China would create an alliance alternative to NATO.