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NATO prepares presentation of ‘Putin’s War in Ukraine’

The release of NATO's report "Hiding in Plain Sight: Putin's War in Ukraine" will be held on May 28.

NATO prepares presentation of Putin"s War in Ukraine

It is reported by Joinfo.ua with reference to the official website of the North Atlantic Alliance.

"The war's toll-more than 6,000 dead, tens of thousands wounded, and nearly 1.3 million displaced persons – is the direct result of Russian President Vladimir Putin's efforts to establish control over Ukraine. Putin continues to deny Russia's military involvement, though the evidence that the Kremlin is directing the war is overwhelming," says the announcement of the event.

"The Atlantic Council report, Hiding in Plain Sight: Putin's War in Ukraine, provides irrefutable evidence exposing the breadth and depth of Russian military involvement in Ukraine's east. Drawing upon publicly available information, the report documents the movement of Russian troops from training camps into Ukraine. It also demonstrates that many artillery strikes on Ukraine originate in Russia and examines the wide array of Russian military equipment in the hands of so-called separatist forces," the statement reads.

Also there will be presented the English version of the investigation on Putin's aggression against Ukraine conducted by Boris Nemtsov.