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EU prepares new package of sanctions against Russia

The sanctions will be imposed in case of attack on Mariupol.

The European Union has already prepared a package of sanctions against Russia. According to Kostyantyn Yeliseyev, the representative of Ukraine to the EU, the sanctions will be introduced in case of an attack on Mariupol, Tyzhden reports.

"I want to reassure that the EU package of additional sanctions against Russia are already well-established, all calculations are made. However, we believe that at some point the European side must clearly demonstrate them so that the aggressor country realize what price it has to pay," said the Ambassador.

He added that the strengthened sanctions would touch financial, energy, defense and trade sectors.

"The key trigger and incentive for their application may be an attack on Mariupol. But now we want to expand these triggers and decide at what point the EU should slam fist on the table and highlight the willingness to impose a package of additional sanctions," said Yeliseyev.

Earlier, the Ambassador said that the EU should make it clear to Russia that it would await more sanctions, if the situation in the Donbas deteriorated.

Photo: romeconomics.com