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Putin shocks Merkel by comparison of coup in Yemen to developments in Ukraine

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Berlin and Paris were ready to continue the work within the framework of the Minsk agreements, but Russian President Vladimir Putin wanted "equal rules for everyone."

Merkel stressed that eastern Ukraine needed to hold elections, and on behalf of herself and her French counterpart Hollande expressed willingness to continue the work upon implementation of the Minsk agreements, reports Joinfo.ua citing Russian media.

"I'm ready to continue working in this direction. I think the same can be said on behalf of Francois Hollande. Today, I felt this willingness on the part of Russia too," said Merkel.

In turn, Putin said that Russia and the EU "should have common evaluation criteria and reaction to world events – uniform and equal rules."

"There was a coup, the president gave up his powers, and now other countries, with whom we have good relations, are trying to return him to power. This is acknowledged as a coup. After a coup happened in Ukraine last year, we heard a bouquet of insults flung towards the deposed president Viktor Yanukovich, while those who seized power received every sort of encouragement," he recalled.

Merkel was looking surprised and confused at these words.

After that, Putin added that if Russia and the EU "continue to use different standards in this way to approach the same phenomena, we will never agree on anything."

It should be recalled that German Chancellor Angela Merkel arrived May 10 in Moscow for talks with Putin about cooperation between the Russian Federation and Germany, as well as the situation in Ukraine. In her opening speech, Merkel focused on condemnation of the capture of Crimea. "The criminal and illegal annexation of Crimea and the warfare in eastern Ukraine has led to a serious setback for this cooperation," said the Chancellor.