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Ban Ki-moon promises Poroshenko to provide peacekeepers for Donbas

On the Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation President Poroshenko and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon attended the opening of the installation "Ukraine war

Ban Ki-moon promises Poroshenko to provide peacekeepers for Donbas

Poroshenko President and UN Secretary-General noted that the presence of the Secretary-General symbolized the unity of the whole world and Ukraine. Ban Ki-moon pledged that the UN would support Ukraine in its struggle for peace, security and independence, Joinfo.ua reports.

Ban Ki-moon expressed solidarity of the UN with Ukraine.

"I am here today to reaffirm my support to the peaceful settlement of the conflict in order to defend sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of Ukraine. The United Nations and Ukraine are close partners. Ukraine is a state-founder of the UN. In the course of 24 years of its independence, it has been providing peacekeeping assistance to a lot of states in the framework of numerous operations all over the world. If Ukraine asks the UN to help ensure its peace and security today, I will do everything possible to help," said the Secretary-General.

" The UN and the international community will stand next to the Ukrainian nation," said Ban Ki-moon.

The Head of State expressed his conviction that, along with other UN assistance, such as efforts aimed at the solution of the humanitarian catastrophe in the Donbas, provision of assistance to internally displaced persons, the work of the peacekeeping mission would be effective too.

"We expect that peacekeeping efforts will also substantially promote de-escalation of the conflict and establishment of peace," he said.

The President stressed that Ukraine had always taken part in UN peacekeeping missions around the world and was counting on support from the Organization in the difficult time for the country. "Ukrainian flag has always been a flag of peace. It has never been a flag of an aggressor," said Poroshenko.

"We are confident that we will bring peace to Ukraine with our joint and coordinated efforts," said the Head of State.

It should be recalled that the UN Secretary-General and EU leaders will celebrate the Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation in Kyiv.