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Russia sues Ukraine and EU

The Russian Federation filed a lawsuit in the WTO against the European Union and Ukraine.

The Russian Federation filed a lawsuit in the WTO against the EU due to anti-dumping measures taken against Russian welded pipes and ammonium nitrate, and against Ukraine – because of anti-dumping measures adopted on ammonium nitrate. It was announced by Maksim Medvedkov, the Head of the Department for Trade Negotiations of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, The Day reports with reference to Interfax.

"On Thursday we invited consultations," he said.

Medvedkov noted that it was the first step in filing a lawsuit, and if within 60 days the consultations led to nothing, Russia would initiate the establishment of panels of arbitrators on these two claims.

According to the Russian side, during the anti-dumping investigations regarding ammonium nitrate and welded pipes the EU and Ukraine violated commitments to the WTO: during the calculation of production costs, the prices for electricity in Russia were not taken into account, but there were considered the prices from third countries, i.e. there were used the so-called 'energy corrections.'

"Thus, as a result of these measures, there have caused significant losses to Russian suppliers," he said.

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