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McFaul: Annexation of Crimea should have cost Putin much more

Michael McFaul, former US Ambassador to Russia, believes that President of Russia Vladimir Putin managed to annex Crimea quite easily, that is why he had the temptation to go further. The politician expressed his opinion to the Tyzhden news agency.

"I consider Putin as the leader of tactics, not a strategist. Yes, he makes emotional decisions. He did the same with Crimea. And since it was so easy, he had the temptation to go further. It is such a shame, annexation should have cost him much more," he stressed.

According to McFaul, it could prevent further aggression. Former Ambassador is convinced that Putin believes that time is working for him.

"He believes that the West will lose interest, that Ukraine will not succeed. He believes that you will not restore economy and it will lead to another political crisis," he said.

McFaul thinks that Russia expects mass protests in Ukraine due to prices on energy or something else.

"Putin can be patient, he does not need to resolve the situation, he may let things take its course for a very long period," he concludes.

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