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Russia brings another column with heavy machinery and manpower to Donbas

ATO news reports the arrival of reinforcements for militants from the territory of the Russian Federation.

The latest news from the ATO reports active movement of military equipment on the occupied territory, Joinfo.ua reports referring to the operative data of the Information Resistance group.

Movement of forces and equipment of terrorists:

- Flank position of militants in the Horlivka area (from Mayorsk to Svetlodarsk) was reinforced by mortar battery in one day, 3 tanks and 4 armored combat vehicles were sent to the area.

- In the direction of Luhansk was noticed movement (through Krasnodon from Russia) of a tank unit accompanied by mechanized infantry team (12 tanks and 4 AFV units – 3 BMP-2 and 1 – BTR-70), and 5 units of motor vehicles (covered trucks) with manpower. The direction of movement – Pervomaysk.

- From Telmanove towards Novoazovsk were seen two convoys (6-7 covered trucks), a tank unit (6 tanks), as well as infantry units (18-20 units of armored vehicles and about 120-130 militants).

- Militants actively send Zu-23-2 systems to certain areas – in the area of Bakhmut route, near the settlement of Vesela Hora, near the settlement of Avdiivka (only 9 units). These anti-aircraft mounts are used by small, mobile groups of militants, carrying out aimed firing of positions of the Ukrainian troops, followed by a quick departure.

Also during the day there was noticed deployment of 37 motor units in the interests of formations of the Russian-terrorist forces in the occupied territory and about 65 units that arrived from the Russian Federation. In the northern part of Luhansk there was recorded a column of covered trucks (8 units), accompanied by one MT-LB and one BTR-80. Active movement of supply convoys through the Petrovsky district of Donetsk and the settlement of Dokuchaievsk is ongoing.