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Putin may become “sacred victim” of May 9

The ongoing inter-clan struggle in the Kremlin leads to the fact that May 9, Russian President Vladimir Putin risks to become the object of assassination.

Such an opinion was expressed by Alexander Kovalenko, a blogger from Odessa.

The blogger recalls that during military parades there have been many cases of assassination. In addition, in the case of Russia, where the security services control all spheres of activity, the probability of unexpected attack is extremely high – especially given the accumulation of armed soldiers, which will be engaged in Putin's parade.

In addition, not only those dissatisfied with Putin's aggression against Ukraine and other aspects of his policies can try to remove the Russian president. It can be the conspirators from the entourage of the Russian guarantor.

"And if we consider the idea of a latent coup, with the mythical "fifth column," Putin could become a sacred victim in the "Russian world". The favorite national leader, killed in his prime by a traitor. His followers will come to power on a wave of grieving, punishing all apostates and renegades and will correct the situation brought to the collapsing state by the helmsman of the Russian people… Or, will aggravate it even more," the blogger writes.