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Nadiya Savchenko has heart attack right in court

On Wednesday, the Basmanny District Court of Moscow upheld the refusal to allow Nadiya Savchenko, a Ukrainian pilot and MP, to attend the PACE session. It was announced by Nadiya's lawyer Mark Feygin on his Twitter.

The Court dismissed the appeal of Savchenko's lawyers and will not let her be present at the PACE session. During the court session, the investigators and protection argued, whether Savchenko has immunity as a delegate to the PACE. Investigators believe that the immune system does not work as the imputed crimes were committed before the elections. According to the lawyers, the immunity applies to the period when she was not a delegate to the Assembly too, Joinfo.ua reports.

Also today, the court will also make a decision regarding the issue of extending Savchenko's arrest, the Investigative Committee asks the court to keep her in custody until June 30. However, according to Feygin, in the court the girl felt ill, her heart hurt, and the court granted the petition of Savchenko to call an ambulance.

"Judge": Call an ambulance? Savchenko: Do anything to make me feel better. Measure my pressure, measure blood sugar.

The Basmanny Court is calling an ambulance for Nadiya Savchenko. #FreeSavchenko

Nadiya Savchenko had her heart hurt during the second trial. These bastards want to kill her! #FreeSavchenko

This process is a mockery. All the petitions of the defense are rejected, Nadiya felt sick, the judge was deciding whether to call an ambulance for 5 minutes with a smile on her face.