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Putin made great historical action – Igor Guberman

In Israel, as in many other countries, the Russian diaspora split because of attitude towards Putin's aggression against Ukraine.

Putin made great historical action - Igor Guberman

It was stated by Igor Guberman, a writer, poet, author of famous satirical quatrains in an interview for Belarusian Freedom, Joinfo.ua reports.

"We have people who shout "Crimea is ours" and that Ukraine has to be invaded with a terrible Jewish accent. They say, "We do not want to feel NATO under our belly," forgetting that they left Russia," said Guberman.

According to Guberman, many Russian emigrants firmly believe horror stories of Channel One Russia and believe that in Ukraine there live sheeny Banderivtsi and fascists. "They believe that the Ukrainians are sheeny Banderivtsi, headed by Bandera, who killed Jews. This is how strange logic they have. I think that we have a smaller percentage of such idiots, crazy and happy about "Crimea is ours" than in Russia, but still there a lot of them."

At the same time Guberman believes that Russian President Putin managed to do a great thing – to unite Eastern and Western Ukraine.