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After Nazarbayev Kazakhstan to await Ukrainian scenario

Kazakhstan may face the same civil conflict which happened in Ukraine, since representatives of the Russian minority in the country have already expressed fears of possible harassment and anti-Russian sentiments among the titular nation, as well as problems with the use of their mother tongue.

In the West people believe that the last Sunday presidential elections in Kazakhstan could be the last one of those that took place in a peaceful environment, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to the American newspaper Washington Post.

According to a journalist Michael Birnbaum, at the presidential elections on April 26, the current president of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev got 97.36% of the vote, which demonstrated a high turnout at the polls.

However, according to the journalist, Nazarbayev is 74 years old already, and he has not prepared a successor, who would be able to ensure the continuation of his policy, and now he opposes to manifestations of inter-ethnic strife between the Russians and Kazakhs alone.

"After Nazarbayev, we will have a transition period, a very dangerous transition period," Washington Post quotes Dosym Satpayev, Kazakh expert, who said he feared a repeat of the conflict in Ukraine, where pro-Russian rebels in the east have seized stretches of territory. "There will be a strong fight about what happens next."