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Henceforth Donetsk militants in U.S. are called ‘combined-Russian separatist forces’

U.S. intelligence has introduced a new term - "combined Russian-separatist forces" in the east of Ukraine.

The term was coined in the United States on the basis of a growing number of evidence of co-operation and joint exercises of the Russian and separatist forces in the east of Ukraine and their actions under the joint command, controlled by Russia, Joinfo.ua reports referring to Voice of America.

The U.S. Department of State has already used that term three times last week in the statement about stepping up of Russia's military in the east of Ukraine. Such a change in Washington's perception of the Ukrainian events can have large implications for U.S. policy towards Russia, although the evidence for involvement of Moscow in the conflict has been known for a long time.

According to Igor Sutyagin, the London-based Russian analyst, the number of Russian military personnel in Ukraine had reached about 9,000 people in February this year, and now most likely, there are several hundred Russian military instructors there.

The separatists themselves confirm these data. In particular, April 29 in their social networks there was published "a letter of a militant" reporting that the separatist forces adopt Russia's military regulations and Soviet standards of fuel or ammunition supply. In spite of the evidence presented, Russia continues to deny the presence of its military personnel in Ukraine.

Earlier, Taras Berezovets, a political strategist, director of personal and strategic consulting Berta Communications said that the United States was the "world gendarme", who was the only one able to restrain Russia.