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Lukashenko insists he did not ‘bank to the West’ and Belarus remains ‘Russian world’

Russia is a strategic partner of Belarus. It was stated by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, speaking with a message to the Parliament and the people of the country.

Lukashenko states that Belarusians and Russians are one Russian people, Joinfo.ua reports referring to BelPAN. "We are the Russian world. We were together and we will always be. We are closely connected with the Russian people, we are the brothers," he added.

Lukashenko also said that during the military conflicts Belarus would support Russia. "Not only Russian liberals, but also a part of management think that Lukashenko banked to the West. Maybe someone went crazy and banked to the West Bank, but not us," said the President of Belarus.

"I say to all Westerners and Americans:" Guys, if something happens, we will support Russia. It is our ally. Of course, God forbid we get into a situation where, despite everything, we have to support our ally," he said.

Lukashenka also said it was mindlessly to refuse to go to Moscow for the May 9 parade in favor of the West. "We will come to the capital of our fatherland – to Moscow on May 8. And we will demonstrate that we are the Russian world," said Lukashenko.

It should be recalled, however, that April 18 Lukashenko said he would celebrate the Victory Day in Minsk.