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Putin can agree only on a ‘quid pro quo’

One can make an arrangement with Russian President Vladimir Putin only on a "quid pro quo" principle. Such an opinion was expressed by the French journalists of the radio station RTL.

Journalists note that Putin's name is in all major foreign policy topics: migrants drowned in the Mediterranean Sea, Iran, Syria, Greece, terrorism, gas and, of course, Ukraine and "Mistral", Joinfo.ua reports with reference to RTL.

Putin is the president of a great country, which is a permanent member of the UN Security Council, and he does not allow to move forward without taking into account his interests. Of course, the Russian president is not "a master of the world", but he is not a "deadhead", RTL emphasizes. In addition, we must not forget that diplomacy is like a multi-pass combination in billiards.

However, if Putin shows discretion towards Ukraine, the degree of tension between Europe and Russia can significantly decrease, RTL says. The Russian president has already achieved his main goal – "he seized Crimea, and now no one blames him for it anymore." Now he has to fulfill his obligations under the Minsk Agreement, and it is quite within his power. In the end, Putin understands that he can not do whatever he wants. The West, in turn, knows that it will not go without Russia, says RTL's journalist.