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Putin pissed about U.S. Army presence in Ukraine, but won’t unleash war

President Putin will not start a full-fledged war Ukraine, because the Ukrainian army has transformed into one of the elite and the most powerful armies in the world. This idea was expressed by political scientist Pavlo Nuss.

Vladimir Putin

According to Pavlo Nuss, fighting against the Russian occupation forces and terrorist groups, the Ukrainian army is ready for full-fledged defense of the country. And Russian President Vladimir Putin understands this more than ever. And he understands that he will never win without the change of power in Ukraine, Joinfo.ua reports.

"Our Army and our Country are paying a very high price. Invaluable price. The lives of fallen soldiers are paid not only for our Ukrainian dream, they gave it for a high civilizational value – Freedom, Democracy.

Those, who say that the army will not resist are not traitors but fools. Supreme Commander, President Poroshenko has said that Ukraine is ready to protect its land, ready for defense. He is confident in his army, and the possibilities of political and diplomatic benefits of Ukraine and his Administration. This means that Ukraine has received a warranty package from Washington, which bothers the Kremlin very much and, I suppose, blocks the implementation of the script regarding Ukraine, and in general, the scenario of Surkov and Putin.

Allied instructors, yes, not just military instructors. U.S. Army, the most powerful army in the world, teaches, or rather reminds the Ukrainians of rules, tactics, and strategies of war with dirty army of the Russian occupation empire of evil without the rights and freedoms.

Yes. I accept the fact that the presence of "300 Spartans" on the territory of Ukraine is not just the presence or multinational exercises. Yes. And Moscow is not just panicking, it is furious, locked. It tactically lost the fight with Poroshenko. But is there a threat of uncontrolled reactions? Yes! But not now, and not until May 9. They will have the ability to revenge when pro-Western President and more or less democratic parliament are removed. Then they will launch the plan "B" or something. They will seize Kharkiv, then Mykolaiv and Kherson, and so on. But. F… Surkov and his baldness ringleader!" writes Nuss.