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Ukraine-EU visa-free regime to be adopted even despite war

President of the European Council Donald Tusk said that at the Eastern Partnership summit in Riga there would be done everything possible to implement visa-free regime between Ukraine and the EU as soon as possible.

In an exclusive interview with Ukrinform, Donald Tusk said that he did not doubt the good will of 28 member countries and the entire European Union regarding the necessity of visa-free regime between Ukraine and the EU, Joinfo.ua reports.

"It's a fact. And it is not about only politics, desire, but also procedures and standards. And that's why we have to wait. Some things are purely technical, in particular, the assessment by the European Commission. And that's why I do not want to speculate in any dates. At the summit in Riga – it is my desire – we will confirm our common intentions to adopt visa-free regime as soon as possible. But here performance of your own homework is the most important thing," said Tusk.

He assured the Ukrainians in his devotional respect to that decision, which is important for ordinary people.

"Today the first steps taken are sufficiently effective. In particular, with respect to the issuance of biometric passports in Ukraine, which is a complex technical element. But, as I well know, big progress is needed, in particular in the reform of the prosecutor's office, the judiciary, law enforcement agencies. On Monday, we will discuss what else we need," the politician said.

Speaking of the growing threat to the EU due to illegal migration in the Mediterranean, the war in the Donbas, he noted that these issues complicated the path to a visa-free regime for Ukraine.

"But we do have some examples, in particular, Moldova, which has a visa-free regime today. And they have internal problems too, the conflict within its borders near the Transnistria. That means, that, of course, aggression and conflict in the Donbas creates difficulties in the process a visa-free regime, but this can be achieved, in spite of this problem," says President of the European Council.