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Czech President-Russophile Zeman: EU will accede to Russia

Pro-Putin Czech President Milos Zeman said that the European Union would be part of the Russian Federation.

Zeman believes that if the hill will not come to Mahomet, Mahomet will go to the hill. He expressed his opinion in an interview for the Czech radio.

Completely ignoring the topic of aggressive war the Russian Federation is conducting against Ukraine, Zeman said he hoped for a speedy recovery of the trade and economic relations between the Czech Republic and Russia.

"I do not want any presents. I seek only standard economic conditions, including the dispose of investments and trade exchange," said Milos Zeman.

But that's not all statements of the Czech leader.

"In the long term, the Russian Federation will become a member of the European Union, if you do not like it, you can assume that the EU will accede to the Russian Federation," Zeman made a "control shot".

Earlier, it was reported that the Senate of the Czech Republic adopted the petition on resignation of Russophile Zeman.