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Russia wants Ukraine to be united ‘under Stalin’s principles’

In an interview with Russian radio station, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Ukraine might return to the existence as a diversity of its constituent regions and cultures.

Speaking of the situation in Ukraine, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that there was nothing wrong about Ukraine getting back to the roots of its "historical education" when its territory had been divided several times, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to the press service of the Foreign Ministry.

"In the matter of recognizing the DPR and LPR as parts of Ukraine, there has been repeatedly mentioned Stalin, who made the decisions on the transfer of certain primordial Russian lands in the Soviet Union. We want peace in Ukraine. In order to let it happen, we need to keep Ukraine united, not to let it be pulled apart piece by piece, and such sentiments are already expressed in some places in Europe, in the countries that gave way a part of their territories to the current Ukrainian government at the end of World War II.

Not only a large number of the Russians form part of the Ukrainian people. There are Poles, Romanians, Czechs, Slovaks. In order to keep the country stable, friendly to Russia and Europe, it can not be torn apart in any case. Thus, it must abandon the obstinacy with regard to compulsory preservation of Ukraine as a unitary state, as President Petro Poroshenko and ministers of this country say, abandon what they call "Ukrainization" – they are threatening to "Ukrainize" everyone, bearing in mind the DPR and LPR too.

In order to prevent it, to make Ukraine remain united, and in order to prevent driving everyone in one "Procrustean bed" of nationalist ideology, we eventually achieved the conclusion of the Minsk Agreement. It states that it is necessary to carry out decentralization, to implement the constitutional reform with the participation and approval of the DPR and LPR. We are interested not in tearing Ukraine apart, but in keeping it neutral, primarily in the military-political sense. We are all aware that the division of the country means only one thing:  the west side (Europe and NATO) will immediately attempt to make Ukraine anti-Russian.

Once again, we want to see this country united. But for that end, Kyiv has to perform its obligations under the decentralization, constitutional reform," said Lavrov.

It should be recalled that that Lavrov said that it would be good if President Barack Obama participated in the negotiations regarding the Donbas.