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West loses information war to Kremlin

West loses information war, during which the Kremlin is implementing the global strategy for distortion of information about its subversive activities in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. This was stated by Ed Royce, U.S. Congressman and the chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations.

He noted that the Kremlin distorted information, confused the observers, who were trying to understand the Ukrainian conflict, Joinfo.ua reports referring to the Washington Free Beacon.

According to Royce, while Russia is spending more than $ 600 million on promoting, U.S. foreign broadcasting services reside "in decline". He stressed that programming led by the Broadcasting Board of Governors has failed to win the interest of the Eastern European audience.

"What U.S.-backed news and information that does get through is a thimble of journalistic credibility in an ocean of Russian-driven news distortion. The American people need much more from [the BBG] if we're going to respond to the rapidly evolving media environment and better secure the long-term security interests of the United States," Royce said.

Meanwhile, Peter Pomerantsev, a senior fellow at the Legatum Institute said that through a variety of media platforms the Kremlin has access to 30 million Russians living outside Russia, including in Ukraine, and in a number of NATO countries, such as Estonia and Latvia. "This is not merely an "information war," in other words, but a "war on information." If the very possibility of rational argument is submerged in a fog of uncertainty, there are no grounds for debate. Sooner or later, the public will give up trying to understand what happened, or even bothering to listen," said Pomerantsev.

He said that the studies carried out by non-governmental organizations, indicate that the European audience has lost trust in both Russian and Ukrainian information resources, and have embraced a number of conspiracy theories.

In order to counter the propaganda of Putin's strategy Pomerantsev called on the West to support a number of independent news sources, including websites like Stop Fake and The Interpreter, media investigations of the Kremlin's funding and corruption networks, and higher quality journalism in Central and Eastern Europe and Russia.