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Pentagon tells what Special Forces of USA and Canada will teach national guardsmen of Ukraine

U.S. Special Forces will be training the Ukrainian national guardsmen for three training rotations, each of which will last about two months.

Pentagon tells what Special Forces of USA and Canada will teach fighters of National Guard of Ukraine

The U.S. Special Forces began to teach Ukrainian soldiers of the National Guard, which is a very important step, said Colonel Steve Warren during a briefing with reporters. According to him, 300 soldiers of the 173rd Airborne Brigade, based in the Italian city of Vicenza, will train the soldiers of the National Guard of Ukraine at the International Peacekeeping and Security Centers in Yavoriv near the Polish border, Joinfo.ua reports referring to the official statement of the Pentagon.

"This latest training, which is as valuable in peacetime as it is in times of conflict, is to establish a professional force that protects and defends Ukraine's people [and] the country's sovereignty," said Warren.

Three hundred soldiers will train about 900 Ukrainian national guardsmen during the three training rotations, each about two months long.

The trainers will focus on defense and civil military operations.

Specific blocks of instruction include medical training, casualty evacuation, counter-unmanned-aerial-vehicle tactics, counter-insurgency training, counter-improvised-explosive-device training, and more, Warren said.

Human rights and use-of-force training also will be conducted, along with common soldier and collective tasks such as individual conduct and law of war, first aid, survival, land navigation, communication, unit operations, and counter-chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear training.

On March 20, U.S. Department of Defense announced that about 290 American army men from the 173rd Airborne Brigade from the Italian city of Vicenza would train the Ukrainian servicemen in Yavoriv near the Polish border.

This initiative was joined by  Canada, which has repeatedly sent non-lethal assistance to Ukraine .

Now the government of the Maple Leaf Country is going to announce sending Canadian troops to Ukraine. They should join the  mission of military training under the guidance of the United States .

Earlier, it was reported that next year the White House would allocate less funding for the European Reassurance Initiative program, but  increase expenses for military training .