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Opposition wins elections in Finland, but it won’t help Russia

The opposition, which won elections in Finland, supports new sanctions against Russia. Aside from the Centre Party, the new governing coalition will likely include the Social Democrats and representatives of the populist and nationalist-oriented Finns Party.

Juha Sipilä

According to Juha Sipilä, the leader of the winning Finnish liberal opposition Centre Party, his political force supports new sanctions against Russia, imposed by the EU and the U.S., Joinfo.ua reports with reference to Deutsche Welle.

"Our policy toward Russia will not change," said Sipilä, who will start consultations on forming a new government coalition on Monday, April 20.

In addition, the most likely future prime minister announced his desire to work more closely with NATO.

The victory of Juha Sipilä in parliamentary elections in Finland was finally reported on the night of April 20 after all the ballots were counted.

The centrists enlisted the support of 21.1% of the voters (and get 49 of the 200 seats in the parliament). It allowed the opposition to bypass the ruling National Coalition Party of the current Prime Minister Alexander Stubb (18.2%, 37 seats).