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American investors will to invest in Ukraine

American investors are generally positive about the results of efforts of the Ukrainian government regarding economy stabilization and consider investments in the Ukrainian market as promising.

According to Aivaras Abromavicius, the Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, American investors see the results of the actions of the National Bank of Ukraine and the Ministry of Finance on attracting additional financial resources, which have raised the level of reserves and stabilized the exchange rate, as well as the initiatives of other ministries, including in terms of deregulation, Joinfo.ua reports referring to Ukrinform.

Therefore, he says that "business in the U.S. cautiously believes that the worst is behind Ukraine, and there are encouraging initiatives by the government to improve conditions for doing business in our country."

The head of the Ministry of Economy believes that it was clearly seen at a meeting in the American-Ukrainian Business Council, which was attended by representatives of about thirty companies.

"It is evident by their names, these are the people who have long been in Ukraine and have invested a lot. For them, risks are fully known and understood, and Ukraine is not the only country where they face increased risks in their activities," said Abromavicius.

He stressed that the representatives of the American business, "asked very specific questions," and in this regard, he expressed his confidence that they were "optimistic."

Answering the question of which sectors are most interested for investors in the U.S., he named agriculture, military and industrial areas, as well as energy-saving technologies.