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Polish intelligence afraid of Russian aggression

Gen. Stanislaw Koziej, the Head of the Polish National Security Bureau, says he is afraid that his country can become the object of Russian aggression.

Koziej made such a statement in the air of the Polish television channel, Joinfo.ua reports.

"In the face of the ambitious maneuvers held in Russia, there increases the risk of large-scale aggression that can take us by surprise, but we have to be ready for this," said Koziej on Friday.

According to Koziej, timely intelligence would be the best form of protection against such a scenario.

"Intelligence in the broadest sense – professional, technical, electronic, as well as in cyberspace, because most of incidents happen there," said the head of the National Security Bureau. "Modern weapons systems are greatly computerized. Appropriate monitoring minimizes the risk of surprises," said Koziej.

Koziej also stressed that the Russian aircraft had intruded into the airspace of Poland and flown very close to the borders, while NATO aircraft had not used such provocations against Russia.