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Putin gives ‘standard answers’ to all Russians’ questions

Russian President Vladimir Putin embellishes Russian reality and gives "standard answers" to all citizens' complaints. This opinion was expressed by Christoph Wanner, German correspondent at N24.

According to the journalist, Russia has problems, but in general, Putin's speech, especially on the economy issues, is window-dressing, because the Russian economy is in poor condition, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to N24.

"This year, GDP is likely to decline by 3%. Primarily, because of the country's dependence on petroleum feedstocks. Low oil prices and sanctions of the European Union and the United States also promote not the best state of the Russian economy," says Wanner.

He adds that in such circumstances, people are scared and complain about massive layoffs, wage cuts and spending increases. They ask Putin what will happen next, and he gives monosyllabic standard response: "We must continue to diversify our economy, eliminate dependence on oil and gas."

"But what Putin says does not sound very convincing," the journalist says.

It should be recalled that on April 16, Russian President held the Direct Line conference, when he answered 74 Russians' questions out of 3 million. "Direct Line" lasted for about 4 hours.