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Putin is more dangerous than Soviet leadership

The current Russian leadership is more dangerous than the Soviet Union because the Soviet Union was more predictable. This opinion was expressed by former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

According to him, Russia is conducting a hybrid war in Europe in order to destabilize it from within, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to Newsweek. Rasmussen says that the right- and left-wing radicals in Greece, Hungary, Bulgaria and France has already expressed open sympathy for Russia.

However, in his opinion, Athens are "playing with fire", since Russia can not save Greece economically, it is broken itself, and Greece can be rescued only by the West.

Former NATO Secretary General also notes that Russia started frequently reminding of its nuclear arsenal, which the USSR had not done at its time. "Now we see an open debate. In that respect the Russia of today is more dangerous than the Soviet Union. The USSR was more predictable than the current leadership," he said.

Rasmussen expresses confidence that in the future, NATO will remain the "cornerstone of European security," but the Alliance needs to develop. To do this, he said, NATO should revise the nature of what it considers an act of aggression. "In light of Russia's hybrid warfare we should have an even closer look at the term," says Rasmussen.

Earlier, Adrian Bradshaw, Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe said that Russia would invade the NATO countries. Most likely, it will be the Baltic countries.