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Canada chooses experts to send for exercises in Ukraine

Canada has declared its readiness to send its instructors to teach the Ukrainian military. It will be the specialists with combat experience specializing in neutralization of explosive devices.

Canada chooses experts to send to Ukraine for exercises

Canada is ready to join the U.S.-British mission on teaching and instructing of the Ukrainian military. This is not the first assistance to Ukraine from the Maple Leaf Country. Canada has repeatedly sent non-lethal assistance to Ukraine.

Now, the Harper government intends to announce sending of the Canadian troops to Ukraine. They should join the mission of military training under the guidance of the United States.

Earlier, about 800 U.S. instructors and 75 British military experts arrived in Ukraine to teach emaciated Ukrainian army new methods of warfare. Most of the foreign specialists is located in the acting NATO training center, located in Yavoriv near the Polish border, where they intend to prepare at least 3-4 battalions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

It is planned that about one hundred Canadian instructors, who have combat experience gained during the mission in Afghanistan, will join them. Their task will be to improve the skills of the Ukrainian military in clearing mines and improvised explosive devices, tactical reconnaissance and first aid. In addition, it is assumed that some part of the exercises will be devoted to logistics and military police work.