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NATO ready to use all its strength against Russia if necessary

Russia"s actions in Ukraine were a surprise for NATO. Therefore, the Alliance should demonstrate its readiness to repulse the aggressor. It was stated by Petr Pavel, the new Chairman of the NATO Military Committee.

Gen. Petr Pavel urged the members of the Alliance to be vigilant and to focus on defense and joint exercises. After all, the Baltic countries may become the next victims of the Kremlin, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to the 24 channel.

"The Russians are using very skillfully the informational and psychological warfare at home and abroad. Russian leadership managed, maybe surprisingly, to significantly unite public opinion in an idea that everything bad that is happening to Russia is driven by the West, led by the United States and that Russia is again in the position that it has to defend itself," says Gen. Petr Pavel.

"It's absolutely appropriate to answer in the same scale, same scope, at least that way we assure our public that we are capable to generate such strength and means at a certain time and also send a strong message, to Russia in this case, that we have this ability and we are ready to use it if needed. That's I think an important message," he said.