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Russia to break-up into three parts – American professor says

Russia is about to collapse into three parts

Russia to break-up into three parts - American professor says

It is reported by Joinfo.ua with reference to Katz's interview for Voice of America.

"Putin arrogantly thinks that he can part Ukraine, but nothing like this can happen to Russia. But I don't think so. Russia can expect leaving of the North Caucasus, Tatarstan. And the difference between Russia and Ukraine is that nobody will come to help Russia," he said.

Professor believes that by its predatory, insidious behavior Russia has alienated other countries, so when it is a real crisis in the Russian Federation, Moscow will not have supporters.

"Russia is looking for respect, but considers respect as a synonymous for fear. If it had wanted to talk its neighbors out from accessing NATO, it should have been gentle with them. But the Russians would never even think of it. They behave like bandits, because they can not be different. They still have not understood that Russia is no longer a superpower, and therefore they behave frightening some, but making laugh the others," says Katz.

At the same time, Katz is convinced that in Russia there are forces which will be able to challenge the Putin regime sooner or later .

"Putin can face three conflicts simultaneously: in Ukraine, in the North Caucasus, and in Central Asia. And the more difficult the situation is, the more unstable Putin's chair will be. Within Russia there are forces that are waiting their time. Many people want democratization," said the professor.

Previously, we reported that Russia had no plans to renew the contract for gas transit through Ukraine after 2019.