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Greece to make EU lift sanctions against Russia

Sanctions against Russia imposed by the European Union have negative impact on the whole continent and Greece is ready to help to put an end to it.

Greece to make EU lift sanctions against Russia

This was stated by Panagiotis Lafazanis, the Minister of Productive Reconstruction, Environment and Energy of Greece, Day.kiev.ua reports referring to Yevropeiska Pravda.

"The sanctions Europe imposed on Russia are unacceptable. They have not reached their aim at all. On the contrary, I would say they increase problems on the European space as well. These sanctions have to be stopped," he said.

"Greece would like to make a contribution in this direction," said the Minister.

According to him, Ukraine should be a bridge of cooperation between Russia and the EU, and not a hotbed of tension.

"I believe that the relationship of Russia and the EU needs more sense, more dialogue, trust and understanding, more cooperation and efforts to make Ukraine a bridge for cooperation between Russia and the European Union, rather than a hotbed for tensions or a country that would try to block Russia out," said Lafazanis.

Earlier, we reported that the Bloomberg agency has analyzed a "guest book" of Russian President Vladimir Putin and made a conclusion that such countries as Cyprus, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, and Spain are ready to abandon sanctions against Russia.