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War in Ukraine shows weakness of U.S. Army – Pentagon

Distribution of high-precision weapons and new methods of warfare used by the Russians in Ukraine can put an end to the American way of war. This opinion was expressed by Robert Work, Deputy Secretary of Defense.

According to him, every day the U.S. military loses its technological superiority, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to Guardian.

Work suggests that potential adversaries of the U.S. will likely look "like the Russian-backed conquest of Crimea." He warned that the army should be ready for future wars in which their enemies, using high-precision artillery, will be supported by foreign countries.

According to Deputy Minister of Defense, Ukrainian separatists, as well as Hezbollah soldiers, blur the lines between the militias and armies, "using agents, paramilitaries, deception, infiltration and persistent denial", Work said, a "zone in which we don't typically operate but one in which we must become more proficient". The politician claims that the infantry of the future must be armed with the latest technology to jam enemy signals, disrupt its command networks, pilot drones and operate alongside highly autonomous ground robots.

Speaking about the future of warfare on land, Work said that it would mean a departure from the Pentagon's policy, adopted during the reign of Barack Obama, when the Ministry of Defense renounced large-scale campaigns, taking into account the effects of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. "It's certainly possible, even probable, that we will fight similar campaigns in the future," said Work.

Earlier, the Pentagon announced that the number of Russian troops in Ukraine was about 12,000 soldiers.