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Leninfall starts in Russia

In evening of April 7, unknown destroyed the monument to Vladimir Lenin in the Orenburg region of Russia.

Leninfall starts in Russia

A statue of Lenin was destroyed by unknown people in the city park in Buzuluk, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to the Russian media.

According to witnesses, at the time there were 6-7 young people aged 17-18 years near the monument. Now the police are establishing the identities involved in the accident.

The monument has its head and right arm broken. The city administration assures that most likely, the destruction of the monument is not of a political nature, as there were no slogans, appeals, or symbolism. That is why the city authorities are inclined to think that it was just hooliganism.

Valery Rogozhkin, the Mayor of Buzuluk, said that the monument would be examined by the experts who would conclude whether it would be possible to restore it or it should be set a new one. He also added that the updated version of the monument was expected to be relocated: from the park to the Lenin Street.