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Putin to open ‘hotline’ with Crimea

By April 16, the Kremlin plans to open a "Direct Line with Vladimir Putin." It was announced by Dmitry Peskov, the Spokesman for Russian President.

A week before the event – from April 9, there will be accepted questions, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to the Russian media.

Peskov assured that citizens' appeals to the President will be taken "through all possible channels of communication". In particular, it will be possible to ask a question through the new site of Putin and video question via cell phone.

He admitted that last year, "as it turned out, there was a rather complicated system of registration." Peskov said that registration was simplified and it was possible to log in automatically through an account in different social networks.

Peskov did not rule out that Crimea could be one of the points for such "connection". Last year, immediately after the annexation of the peninsula, the Crimeans asked Putin questions too. At that time the cameras and screens were set on the seafront in Sevastopol.

It should be recalled that the Russian TV channel "Russia 1" showed the film Crimea. Way Home, which shows how President Putin ordered to annex Crimea.