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Poland increases control over border with Russia

Poland will install six towers with technologies for twenty-four hour observation on its border with Russia.

According to the foreign media, along the 200-kilometer border between Poland and the Russian enclave of the Kaliningrad region, there will be installed six towers for monitoring for the border service, Joinfo.ua informs.

According to Miroslava Alexandrovich, the spokeswoman for the Warmian-Masurian Border Service, 35- and 50-meter high towers will be equipped for day and night observation of the Polish-Russian border. They will be placed at different distances from the boundary.

Currently, the equipment is being tested, the facilities are expected to start operating in June of this year, said the spokeswoman for the Border Service.

The cost of construction of the towers will be more than 14 million zlotys (about 3 million euros). 75% of investment are financed by the EU External Borders Fund.