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Bundestag deputy calls on to protest against NATO aggression

Sevim Dagdelen, a deputy from the Left Party urged the opponents of the NATO aggression against Russia to "find courage" and stage a mass protest against the actions of the Alliance.

According to her, Western propaganda is trying to do everything to prevent social mobilization of the forces opposing NATO intervention, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to the German weekly Junge Welt.

"NATO military propaganda tried to prevent mobilization of peace supporters, and it succeeded partly. Those, who claimed that Muammar Gaddafi had not dropped bomb on his own population in 2011, were accused of supporting the Libyan regime. Those, who claimed that the West supported Islamist terrorists in Syria, were called the supporters of Bashar al-Assad. Those, who believe that Western countries are responsible for the Ukrainian conflict, are called supporters of Russia. This is an effective propaganda scheme extended by the media and the government," said the deputy.

Dagdelen stressed that such propaganda explained why there were no mass protests against active weapons of NATO on the border with Russia. "Peace movement needs fearlessness, that is immunity acquired against military propaganda," she added.