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Germans believe that Putin’s aggression in Ukraine will make Britain stay in EU

German journalists named several reasons why the UK should not withdraw from the European Union.

According to the German media, recently, Europe has faced a number of threats, such as IS and Russia, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to the Die Welt newspaper.

"The Islamic State terrorist group is conducting hostilities in Syria and Iraq, the Muslims coming from there to Europe threaten the security of the EU. Russian President Vladimir Putin is waging war in Ukraine and sends his submarines to the coast of Scotland," writes Stefanie Bolzen, the author of Die Welt.

She recalled that in 4 weeks the British would vote for the new government. If the ruling Conservative Party wins, its leader David Cameron promises to hold a referendum in 2017 on the country's withdrawal from the EU. According to the journalist, at this point in the opinion polls the views of opponents and supporters of the EU are represented equally. However, most likely, the British will vote for their stay in the EU, despite the dissatisfaction with Brussels.

The fact that Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande were conducting the negotiations with Putin, while David Cameron was only an observer, offends the pride of the British. "But that is the price the Kingdom pays for its anti-Brussels policy," said Bolzen.

According to the journalist of Die Welt, if the majority of Britons votes in 2017 for leaving the EU, London should to be afraid of the collapse of the United Kingdom, as the Scots and Welsh wish to remain in the European Union. Unlike the British, they do not doubt its benefit, and require considering their opinion. If London ignores them, Scotland may activate the independence movement, said Bolzen.