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Russian Foreign Ministry accuses U.S. of ‘rabid anti-Russian propaganda’ in favor of ‘Banderivtsi’

The official website of the Russian Foreign Ministry published a commentary of the Information Department of the Foreign Ministry of Russia about the anti-Russian campaign in the United States.

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, Lavrov's department are observing "rabid anti-Russian campaign," launched, in their opinion, by the U.S. mass media, with "perplexity and indignation", Joinfo.ua reports.

"As if upon command, American national media and leading political science centers splash Russophobic lampoons, carefully making Russia an enemy, inculcating its people with hatred of everything that is Russian.

The old "knights of the Cold War", like a retired general Robert Scales, who this March publicly called on to "kill Russians", and the former commander of NATO forces in Europe Wesley Clark still can not calm themselves. The latter nearly provoked a large-scale conflict in 1999, ordering to attack our troopers caught up in the Kosovo Pristina airport before the Americans, and the other day in Washington "Atlantic Council" he was talking about "Russian threat" again, demanding to start massive arms supplies to Kyiv to use it against the Donbas and openly praised Banderivtsi.

And these people are not much anticipating the U.S. officials in their odious statements…For example, Deputy Secretary of State E. Blinken called the upholding of the right to use the Russian language as "linguistic nationalism of Russia." That is, the Russians and Russian-speaking residents of other countries, including Ukraine, are guilty of speaking and thinking in Russian.

In a word, the propagandists match Washington's political order," statement reads.