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President Putin still ‘disappeared’ in early March due to illness

Russian President Vladimir Putin's prolonged absence at the beginning of March was a result of his illness.

Russian President Vladimir Putin was really sick at the beginning of March, when he had not appeared in public for 11 days, states British intelligence with reference to the Russian colleagues, Joinfo.ua informs referring to The Times.

The Kremlin has hidden the fact of Putin's illness in order to avoid Russian leader to appear weak in the Western press. Since once Western journalists characterized Boris Yeltsin as the president, who lost control over the state.

An anonymous participant in a meeting of the Elbe Group (association of senior but retired military official from the U.S. and Russia) told that Putin had been really sick. "A member acknowledged that Putin had been ill and that was the reason for his brief disappearance in early March," states the publication. "He said that Putin firmly held power, and complained that Russian culture of politics and leadership was not sufficiently developed and was unable to accept the fact of any disease or weakness of the Russian leader," the article writes.

It should be noted that during a public absence of Putin, the press service of the Kremlin reported the Russian leader's meetings with the help of archival photographs, and that had generated a lot of rumors about his overthrow.