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Putin continues nuclear blackmailing of NATO

Russian President Vladimir Putin is using the threat of nuclear weapons in order to make NATO leave Ukraine and the Baltic States alone with the Kremlin. It was announced after a secret meeting of American and Russian spies.

Putin continues nuclear blackmailing of NATO

According to intelligence officers, in the near future one should expect Russia attempting to destabilize the situation in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania with the help of Russian-speaking population and cyber attacks, Joinfo.ua reports referring to The Times.

During the meeting, the Russian intelligence officers warned that Putin was ready to strongly respond to any attempts to strengthen NATO's presence in the Baltic States. At the same time, Moscow is ready to use "both nuclear weapon and non-nuclear means."

Also, the Kremlin is ready to use nuclear weapons in response to any attempt to return Crimea back to Ukraine and transfer weapons to Kyiv that would help resolve the conflict in the Donbas.

However, Dmitry Peskov, the spokesman for Russian President, urges not to take seriously the Western media publications about nuclear threat from Russia. "This is a classic example of ongoing hysteria for demonization of our country. They make up a situation on their own, and then fear what they have written," said Peskov.

He believes that such an article can not be taken seriously. The Kremlin spokesman stressed that there was no nuclear threat coming from Russia.

At the same time, against the background of Russian aggression in Ukraine, the Pentagon established a department on nuclear safety. The decision to create a nuclear department was made in connection with the recommendations following an inspection of the U.S. military nuclear facilities. The department should start operating fully until late spring. Earlier, the Chief of NORAD said the United States and Canada might lose the ability to protect themselves against nuclear weapons of Russia.