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Do not sacrifice Ukraine, saving Greece

The American financier and philanthropist George Soros believes that the loss of Ukraine will be a tragedy for the European Union.

Rescuing Greece EU sacrifices Ukraine and this is the wrong approach, leading to the wrong consequences, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to George Soros' statement published in the Market Watch.

The EU has witnessed existential crises – Greece and Ukraine. The financier believes that in the coming months there will be decided what shape the EU will take for the next 5 years.

From the very beginning Greek crisis has been "resolved" wrong, says Soros, but in the case of Ukraine, the situation is "black and white": here Russia is the aggressor, and Ukraine protects itself, and hence European values.

"Yet Europe treats Ukraine like another Greece. That is the wrong approach, and it is producing the wrong results. Putin is gaining ground in Ukraine, and Europe is so preoccupied with Greece that it hardly pays any attention," says Soros.

According to Soros, Putin prefers not a military victory, but financial and political destabilization of Ukraine. However, despite the fact that Ukraine is a very important ally for the European Union, it continues "drip-feeding" it.

"As a result, Ukraine barely survives, while Putin has the first-mover advantage," concludes the author.

Radical reforms in Ukraine has been implemented slowly, but the EU does not decide to provide additional financial assistance. In this situation, it would be easier for Putin to reach his goal. Meanwhile, because of the collapse in Ukraine millions of refugees flock to the EU.

According to the financier, the second and more likely scenario may be lifting of sanctions against Russia, and Ukraine ending up in the old, corrupt state. This option would also do for Putin, but his victory would not be strong enough, and Russia would still lose the second Cold War.

Soros warns EU against the loss of Ukraine, since this will be a tragedy for the EU, the loss of the principles it is built upon and which Ukraine defends now. As a result, the EU will have to spend much more money protecting itself than it would need to spend "helping the new Ukraine succeed."