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Airbus A320 crash: second black box found

The second black box was found at the site of the Germanwings crash.

The second black box was found after nine days of searching, Joinfo.ua reports referring to AFP.

The Prosecutor's Office in France is hoping that the second flight data recorder will help to clarify what happened on board before the crash.

It should be recalled that the accident occurred near the town of Prads-Haute-Bléone on March 24. All 150 people aboard the plane died last Tuesday when it crashed in the French Alps, en route from Barcelona to Düsseldorf.

After studying the records from the first recorder the rescuers suggested that the co-pilot of the aircraft, Andreas Lubitz, let the aircraft to lose altitude on purpose at a time when the captain came out of the cockpit. According to the data of the first recorder, shortly before the accident, the crew commander left the cockpit, Lubitz changed the code on the door and did not let the pilot in. In the last moments of his life the captain begged to open the door and tried to break it with an ax.