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‘Day of Unity of Belarus and Russia': Belarusians tear off Russian flags

Today, Minsk residents celebrate the Day of Unity of Belarus and Russia by tearing off the flags of the aggressor.

The Day of Unity of Belarus and Russia, which is celebrated on April 2, constantly causes dissatisfaction among the Belarusians. The locals are irritated by Russian flags, hung out on the streets. Earlier, people were writing angry posts in social networks – and that was the extent of their disturbance. But today, in the light of the Russian occupation in Ukraine, tricolors are simply plucked and thrown on the ground.

Today, on Twitter appeared a photo of a Russian flag thrown from the flag-post. The tricolor was on the pavement on the corner of Independence Avenue and Lenin Street in the center of Minsk. Unknown patriots took it off the flag-post and threw under the wheels of the passing vehicles. None of the Minsk residents had a desire to gather the flag.

Local media note that the government treats the traditional holiday with indifference too. A year ago, on April 2, Russian flags together with Belarusian ones hung at the entrances of the Minsk railway station, the Academy of Sciences, the National Bank and even the House of Government, but this time they were not placed. Tricolors with Belarusian flags were hung only on some of the major intersections of Independence Avenue. However, even there, judging by the photos, the Russian flags do not hang long.

The so-called Day of Unity of Belarus and Russia was established in honor of signing the Treaty between President Alexander Lukashenko and Boris Yeltsin on creation of the Community of two countries on April 2, 1996. One year later, on April 2, 1997, the same heads of state signed a new treaty – the creation of the Union of Belarus and Russia. This agreement has not entailed any serious consequences, except for removal of border and customs control on the border, as well as the introduction of incentives for employment, education, and medical care for citizens of Belarus and Russia on each other's territories.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a congratulatory telegram to President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko on the occasion of the Day of Unity between the Peoples of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus.

"In his message, Russian President noted the successful development of relations between the two countries based on the traditions of friendship, spiritual and cultural proximity, which has long united the Russians and the Belarusians. Vladimir Putin also stressed the effectiveness of the Union State as a mechanism of bilateral cooperation, the experience of which has been in high demand when creating a broader integration structure – the Eurasian Economic Union," the website of the Kremlin writes.