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23rd Russian ‘humanitarian convoy’ heads to Donbas

Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations has collected another "humanitarian" column to be sent to the Donbas.

This morning, the next, 23th in a row, "humanitarian" column from Russia will be sent to the residents of the Donbas, Joinfo.ua reports referring to the press service of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Russian rescuers say that "humanitarian aid" was collected from different regions of Russia, including Udmurtia, the Volgograd, Kemerovo, and Orel regions and Nizhny Novgorod.

The Russian authorities officially state that the "humanitarian" aid will consist of potatoes, bags of flour, medicines, and other essentials. The Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations intends to send 1.4 thousand tons of products to the Donbas.

It should be recalled that the previous "humanitarian convoy" arrived to the Donbas on March 26. Then it was announced about loads for sowing.

Representatives of the Ukrainian authorities reiterate that the cargo transported through the border without inspection of the relevant Ukrainian services can not be considered as legal.

"Any humanitarian assistance must be imported only by agreement with the Government of Ukraine and in accordance with the Ukrainian national legislation, internationally recognized practices, as well as modalities of its delivery to the territory of Ukraine agreed upon with international organizations," the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine comments on the fact of the Russian humconvoy's invasion in Ukraine.