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Russia Today helps Putin not to win and lose

Over the past few months propaganda from Russia Today has "helped" Russia to reach the peak of unpopularity in the West.

Russian propaganda has reduced the credibility of the Kremlin in the West to historic lows, Joinfo.ua reports the statement of former Foreign Minister of Sweden Carl Bildt during a panel discussion in Kyiv.

"Russia has never been so unpopular and so devoid of credibility, as it is today," he said.

The politician said that the actions of the Russian propaganda machine were not aimed at controlling the deterioration of Russia's credibility in the world.

"Propaganda of Russia Today does not bring (to Western audiences) the message that Russia is good. They say that the West is bad," said Carl Bildt.

According to him, Russia has no chance of winning in this round of geopolitical struggle. "Putin can not win, but he can lose," he said.